Bridgeclear collision avoidance system for commercial vehicles in the UK
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Bridgeclear Integrated System for Buses

Bridgeclear integrated system for buses utilises the driver’s CCTV monitor to display warnings – saving space and providing greater functionality.

Using the exclusive Bridgeclear database of nearly 6,000 UK low bridges combined with a GPS signal, the system calculates where the nearest low bridge is in relation to the vehicle. If the driver approaches this bridge, visual warnings (accompanied by audible warnings) are displayed as overlays on the screen.

The system will only choose those bridges which are lower than the height of the vehicle, so the driver is not distracted by unnecessary warnings. The warning distance will be set to suit your requirements, to allow the driver to take action early enough to avoid collisions with bridges.

The driver uses a push button to control the system. The vehicle height is pre-set into the system. Location information about nearest bridge with a height below the vehicle height is displayed when the driver presses the push button.

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Bridgeclear collision avoidance system for commercial vehicles in the UK