Bridgeclear collision avoidance system for commercial vehicles in the UK
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Truck Navigator

To complete the company range of products designed to avoid problems caused by low bridges, Bridgeclear has developed with Map and Guide a unique system which creates vehicle routing schedules which take account of vehicle dimensions.

Map & Guide GmbH are already established in Germany and France as suppliers of navigation systems that are vehicle specific. In cooperation with Bridgeclear Limited, the range of countries available with the Truck Navigation system has been enhanced to include GB and Ireland.

The routing system takes account of low bridges as well as avoiding routes through quiet areas where passage of heavily loaded trucks would not be appropriate. Later the data will be enhanced to ensure that all roads with weight and width restrictions will be taken into account.

The system is set up with map profiles appropriate to the user’s fleet of vehicles, and for each journey the driver or his/her supervisor can ensure that the correct vehicle parameters are used. Predicted travel times are computed and voice/map based directions are supplied to the driver via the Pocket PC PDA unit. Traffic hold-up information can be received by the unit – if suitably configured - and this information will be used to ensure that unexpected hold-ups are avoided.

If hazardous goods are to be transported, special routes are planned to avoid high-risk environments. Previously planned routes are memorised by the user device to speed up planning of repeat journeys.

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Bridgeclear collision avoidance system for commercial vehicles in the UK