Bridgeclear collision avoidance system for commercial vehicles in the UK
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Low Bridge Add-on for Navigation Systems

The Bridgeclear Low-Bridge Add-on can be incorporated into many available navigation systems, e.g. Becker and Siemens VDO. Our software produces bridge warnings on the navigation screen as a low bridge icon, which includes the height of the bridge. The distance to the bridge is also shown.

The driver sets up the route as usual, and selects the vehicle height on the screen. The system will only warn of bridges which are lower than the height of the vehicle, so the driver is not distracted by unnecessary warnings. The bridge warnings occur as the vehicle moves along the route. An icon appears 750 metres before each bridge with the distance in black. This gives the driver plenty of time to avoid the low bridge.

If the driver continues to approach the bridge, the distance will change to red at 350 metres from the bridge, and a bleep occurs to remind the driver. If the driver continues, the bleep occurs again at 150-metres. Once the driver turns off the road to avoid the bridge, the navigation system will re-plan the route.

In addition to the low bridge warnings, speed camera warnings are also given on this system for increased driver safety. These are shown on the navigation screen as a speed camera icon, and appear 750 metres before each fixed camera.

We can either load our bridge and camera software onto your existing navigation system, or supply your preferred navigation system complete with our software.

For further information on this system or other Bridgeclear products, please call us on 01270 588039 or complete our online enquiry form

Bridgeclear collision avoidance system for commercial vehicles in the UK