Bridgeclear collision avoidance system for commercial vehicles in the UK
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Tracking Add-on for Stand-Alone Bridgeclear

In response to demand from our customers, Bridgeclear have introduced a GPS/GPRS based Fleet Management option for the standards Bridgeclear stand-alone product. In conjunction with Vermillion MVT, the new product enables the user company to track the location of the vehicle on the world wide web via a secure site.

Information available includes vehicle speed, status and mileage together with a selection of standard reports detailing the activities of the activities of the vehicle.

Additional reports specific to the user’s operation can be specified, though these may incur additional set up cost. Other vehicle parameters can also be collected and displayed on the host terminal via the secure web site.

Operation cost analysis is included in the standard report structure as is working hour information, appropriate to the new driver regulations. The system can combine information from the Bridgeclear low bridge system with the GPRS communication to warn operators when their drivers have strayed near bridges too low for their vehicle.

Can you afford not to have it?

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Bridgeclear collision avoidance system for commercial vehicles in the UK